With Otodo
Access an effortless & seamless experience

Your everyday life is a mixed-up collection of connected things, mobile apps and remote controls of many different brands.
Otodo One lets you manage all these items remotely, really easily.
It is made up of two components: A multi-protocol hub & A unique mobile app.
To top it all off, Otodo introduces Ugo: the first companion objet of the Otodo One smarthome solution. Ugo transforms your home into a giant user interface.

Otodo One,
Only one App, Only one Hub

Otodo Hub, Master your home like never before

The Otodo’s hub allows you to manage and scenarize many commercial connected objects, but also older remote controlled devices (sliding blinds, lamps, plugs, thermostats) from different brands. It allows you to manage all new connected devices with a smartphone, tablet or computer. It's the missing link, the bridge between your internet provider box and all your home objects.

As soon as it is switched on, the system is tailored to your specific needs. No complex configuration needed.
It connects all your controlled devices to your box.

The Otodo’s hub is built to resist any hacker attack, & offer a private mode to any user that would like to protect the hub from all external networks outside the home.

And always more possibilities
Otodo groups all of your connected objects, allows you to find them in only one app, and make them interact with each other. Scenarizing all your objects is easy. Using all connected object at home becomes a child’s play.

Otodo's application


A unique mobile app that unifies all your old mobile apps and remote controls. The app is available free on AppStore and Google Play.

Home page

Mobile app home page


Define the scenarios easily by adding conditions and objects.
Find & set up each products seperately


Access & control all your favourite products, scenes in one place


Track & follow energy consumption (water, electricity, gas,...) & main access (parental control...)

Ugo, a new magic wand

Ugo by Otodo

The French CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honorees were announced at the CES Unveiled Paris. Otodo, the startup democratizing the connected home, was awarded for its companion device “Ugo”, a magic wand that controls all connected and remote-controlled devices in the home.

Ugo is a small and smart pebble that helps you to interact with all your connected devices at home.
Ugoidentifies you when you grab it, and sends controls when you gently knock it on surfaces around you. Ugo is geo-localized into the room and just by double taping where you have decided, it triggers the action that you have pre-programmed.

Knock your door to open it, or your table to switch on the light...

Ugo by Otodo

Ugo is a companion device of the Otodo One system. It requires that two hubs are already installed at home.

Why Otodo

For a brand new everyday experience

Simple to install, the hub connection is wireless via Wifi. Simple to configure, Otodo One recognises the items and suggests suitable pairings to you. Simple and intuitive, the mobile app lets you manage all your devices effortlessly.

For more peace of mind

Protected and encrypted exchanges, anti-intrusion protection, notifications of any unusual activity, private mode, Otodo One is extremely secure.

For unequalled interoperability

Otodo One is compatible with numerous major smart home brands, and lets you regroup various things from different brands on the same app.

For permanent compatibility

Otodo One updates automatically to add new brands or new objects over time. Consequently, it adapts to your new purchases and to the latest innovations.