Otodo's story

The beginning!

Spring 2016

Eric is convinced that internet boxes will not only connect phones & tablets but also allow us to control remotely objects at home. He envisions a “hub” very simple to use that will do the link & decide to launch the company. The team then consists of 4 people and works on the 1st version of the Hub (a cube). A show flat is used to run demonstrations of the first working model of the system.

The prototype

Sept. - Oct. 2016

The hub adopts a round design & its prototype version is equipped with a new more powerful processor. The iOs smartphone app is created and the first full-scale tests start.

Pilot-serie of 100 Hubs

February 2017

The first hubs are fuctional and available in alpha version.

Otodo is increasing

March 2017

Otodo team now count 10 member, and are now set up un a new open spacein the Montparnasse tower, Otodo is also located in Toulouse

Otodo at the SIDO

April 2017

The hub is launched and presented to the public during this event.

New Hub Design

June 2017

With sobriety and modernism, the new hub design will easily merge into your home decor.

Sagemcom & Otodo

June - Juily 2017

European leader on the operators gateways, Sagemcom is now Otodo's partner. Otodo was lucky enough to exhibit in their showroom located at Reuil-Malmaison a booth with a demonstration of the solution Otodo One.

CES Unveiled

October 24, 2017

At the occasion of CES unveiled Paris, Otodo was honored at CES 2018 innovation Awards in the category « Smart Home » for its companion device « Ugo ».

CES Unveiled Las Vegas

January 7 2018

Otodo exhibits to CEs Unveiled Las Vegas dedicated to international medias and industrial analysts.


January 9-12 2018

First participation at Consumer Electric Show (Las Vegas Nevada). Otodo was on its own booth located in the smart home marketplace and also on our partners’ booth : SAGEMCOM, MICRO EJ and 4MOD.

Sagemcom becomes a shareholder

April 4-5 2018

The Sagemcom's equity participation was announced at the occasion of SIdO exhibition.

Première commercialisation

June 2019

Chacon, Otodo's long-standing partner, markets Otodo's white-label solution, with its DIO Home+ offer.

New app

September 2019

Back to school news: New design for the Otodo application.

Inauguration in Tours

September 2019

Otodo inaugurates its brand new Lab', an area dedicated to innovation for its research and development team.

CES 2020

January 2020

For the third consecutive year Otodo was performing at the CES. This 2020 edition concludes with a veritable media avalanche with a preview demonstration of the new service co-developed for the Renault Group, or when connected cars meet connected homes.

Funds raising

January 2020

Fund raising of 3 million euros with the entry into the capital of the Breega investment fund and the support of Bpifrance and Banque Populaire. Focus on international markets.

Connected Home Over IP

June 2020

Member of the Zigbee Alliance, Otodo becomes the first French startup to join the project.