The Otodo Solution

evolutive & interactive


Your everyday life is a mixed-up assortment of connected objects, mobile apps and remote controls from many different brands. Otodo One lets you manage all these items remotely, in total simplicity, and keep in touch with your home and family even when you are out.

It is made up primarily of two components: a Hub and a unique mobile app.
Creating scenarios easily according to your lifestyle and maximising comfort and peace of mind is now a reality for everyone. Composed mainly of a hub & a unique mobile application, the solution integrates many different ways to interact with your home: compatible with voice assistants (Google Home, Alexa), and even the easy-to-use connected buttons, the solution offers an enhanced experience of your connected home.
Ugo, Otodo's universal remote control completes the whole for a unique experience and transforms your home into a large-scale user interface.

pilot devices Otodo

connected objects from different brands with different protocols and technologies


with your home and family even remotely

créer des scénarios Otodo

according to lifestyle habits to simplify your connected daily life

une vie simplifiée avec Otodo

your connected daily life

The Otodo Hub,puts you in control
of your home like never before

The Otodo multi-protocol Hub communicates with all your remotely-controlled objects and connected objects.  It lets you manage and set up many commercial connected objects, as well as older remote-controlled devices from different brands.

It's the missing link, the bridge between your internet provider box and all your home objects with just a few clicks. 


Be in control of your home like never before.
The Otodo One solution streamlines your Smart Home experience by increasing interaction possibilities with your Smart Home.

créer des scénarios Otodo
Mobile app
pilot devices Otodo
Voice assistants
Connected buttons
une vie simplifiée avec Otodo
universal remote control

The Otodo app

The Otodo mobile app is the main user interface. It brings together all mobile apps and remote controls used on a daily basis. It allows you to combine connected objects by selecting the brand and type, then setting up some scenarios with a few clicks and to receive notifications. Setting scenarios for your objects is easy. Using all connected objects at home becomes child’s play.
Simple and ergonomic, the mobile app is also constantly upgraded and the range of compatible equipment is expanded each month.
The Otodo mobile app is also compatible with Siri (smart Apple assistant) and allows users in possession of the brand’s smartphones and tablets to use voice command for connected objects within the home.

Home page

Mobile app home page


Define the scenarios easily by adding conditions and objects.
Find & set up each products seperately


Access & control all your favourite products, scenes in one place


Track & follow energy consumption (water, electricity, gas,...) & main access (parental control...)

voice command

The Otodo One solution is compatible with the most widely used voice assistants:
Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Otodo va encore plus loin en devenant expert dans le domaine de la commande vocale adaptée au contexte de la maison connectée. Le contrôle vocal d'Otodo offre une interaction proche du langage naturel et permet : la création à la volée de scénarios éphémères par exemple en tenant compte du contexte et de la capabilité de vos objets...

Combine on-screen buttons with real buttons

Apps are handy but buttons are better!

Otodo promises a universal Smart Home solution that lets you launch your scenarios simply by pressing a button placed judiciously in your Smart Home. Niu button, Logitech pop and others are available, so the possibilities are endless.

Ugo: Otodo's Magic Wand

Ugo is a universal remote control. Using an fingerprint recognition sensor, Ugo identifies its user and is geolocated inside the house. Simply by tapping twice on a predefined flat surface (living room table, front door,etc.) it launches scenarios and activates the connected objects and equipment in the home.


The phase of registering your equipments is often time-consuming. Otodo has made this step easier by enabling you to automatically discover connected objects in the house and pairing them in one click:

  • Listening Mode of the hub and radio-frequency recognition of devices;
  • Reading barcodes of packagings;
  • Video-recognition based on objects type.

  • For even more comfort and peace of mind, the Otodo mobile app offers you access to on-demand services, adding intelligence to the connected objects already installed in your home.

    We have focused on smart services that are a major part of your daily needs: with greater reassurance when you are away from home, so the home you live in is welcoming, and makes your comings and goings easier by automating your home as much as possible.

    A secure home.
    Looking out for your friends and family.
    Home risk prevention.

    Your daily live is more relaxed with Otodo.

    Ease-of-use within your home (for lighting, air quality and room temperature). You can use the information from your sensors to intelligently adjust room temperature.

    For a cocoon house that fits around you and meets your needs.

    Prepare for the arrival of household members. Adjust the temperature and lighting to suit the time of day. Activate an alarm as soon as you leave your home.

    Anticipate recurring actions to turn your house into a highly-effective Smart Home that makes your life easier.