Team Otodo

We want to democratize the smart home and to dynamize its planet, in association with all its actors : Manufacturers of home automation equipments, start-ups IOT, Telecoms Operators.

Our team is a multi-expertises one becoming from Telecoms and Network Operators, Systems of Information, Embedded Software, Hardware, home automation and the IoT.

Otodo’s founder are convinced that the best way to have an uptake into the becoming smart home revolution is to work with telecoms providers to deliver a connected home service complementary to their core business.

Eric Denoyer - CEO

Experience of 29 years in telecoms.
CEO of Numericable and Completel, and then of SFR until 2016.
Craftsman of the reorganization of the cable in France from 2004 till 2011 Co-fonder of Liberty Surf in 1999.

Eric Souchaud - General Manager

20 years of experience in Information systems Founder of E5Group, 5team, companies.
DSI of Siris, Easynet, then B3G Development of quality and workflow management systems.

Join us!

We challenged ourselves to revolutionize the smarthome universe and to unite all its players. This challenge is a technological challenge. We are looking for talents passionate about connected objects and domotics, having hardware / software, cloud profiles, developer IoS and Adroid, IA, UX / UI,
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