Universal smart home platform

Smart home white label solution

Launch your own smart home offer

Otodo has developed an open, universal platform for telecoms operators and services providers,
allowing them to swiftly address the Smart Home sector with customized solutions.

A Smart Home out-of-the-box solution

The consumer solution offered by Otodo consists of a multi-protocol hub and an unique mobile app.

An open and constantly evolving Cloud

The Otodo platform displays APIS, allowing for simplified interfacing with operator information systems.

A store offering a tailored range of services

The Otodo store provides advanced, customized Smart Home services to end services users.

A compatibility-based ecosystem

The Otodo ecosystem brings together the leading smart home brands. The Otodo One solution is therefore compatible with a large range of connected objects and Smart Home equipment.

A more user-friendly experience

The Otodo platform includes automatic discovery and intelligent pairing of connected objects in the home.

A multitude of interactions possibilities

Whether it is voice, digital or gestual control, the Otodo platform combines all these possibilities for a fully-customizable user experience.


The mobile App

The mobile application can be customised to our partners' brand style guide, can also be directly integrated into the service provider's mobile app (through SDK) or can be fully developed with its own UX/UI. Many others user interfaces are also additionally available: voice assistants (Google Home and Alexa) , connected buttons and Ugo, Otodo’s universal remote control.

The Hub

The Otodo's Hub is very cost-effective, so it can operate as a Smart Home accessory alongside Internet Gateways and can also be integrated directly into third-party products such as a Smart Home extension card (Wi-Fi extender, gateway, connected speaker, etc.).

Extended connectivity 

RF 433 MHz &
RF 868-915 MHz
Bluetooth &
Bluetooth Low Energy

If you have a Smart Home project

Smart Otodo: the partner brands’ecosystem

Otodo has set itself the primary objective of being compatible with equipments and objects already installed in homes. Because you don’t change your boiler or automatic gate when you want install a connected alarm, Otodo has decided to build the widest possible brand ecosystem spanning application areas (heating, safety, home risk prevention, window management, etc.). The Otodo Smart ecosystem is therefore open to all manufacturers universally. By partnering with Otodo, each brand can chose to select the degree of openness they desire.

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Proprietary protocols
Zigbee / Z-wave / Wi-Fi

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